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  Rosalind N. Rosenberg   Arthur Wang Photographs / Rosalind N. Rosenberg
Rosalind N. Rosenberg is the Ann Whitney Olin Professor of History at Barnard College, where she has taught about the intersection of rights movements, social thought, and legal change since 1984. She is the author of Beyond Separate Spheres: Intellectual Roots of Modern Feminism (Hill and Wang, 1992). She has also published numerous articles on gender, law, and comparative feminism.

Rosenberg, who attended Stanford University (B.A. 1968; Ph.D. 1974), began her teaching career at Columbia University in 1974 and taught at Wesleyan University in Connecticut from 1982 to 1984 before assuming her present position. At Barnard she has served as Chair of the Womens Studies Department, the American Studies Program, and the History Department, while contributing to the graduate program at Columbia University. She is a member of the executive committee of the Society of American Historians.

Rosalind N. Rosenberg
New York City
October 25, 2000

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