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Jane Heap
“Light Occupations of the Editor While there is Nothing to Edit”
Little Review
September 1916

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“Maddened by the interest of our conversations, and by the lack of interest in the manuscripts that came in,” Margaret Anderson wrote of her intellectual and aesthetic exchanges with co-editor Jane Heap and what she felt to be an abundance of second-rate submissions for the Little Review, “I decided that I would not contribute to the perpetuation of the uninteresting. The only gesture of protest I could think of was to publish an issue of the magazine made up of sixty-four empty pages, stating that since no art was being produced we would make no attempt to publish any.”1 The nearly blank issue of the magazine included Heap’s drawings of Anderson, a few prose pieces and letters to the editors, and the following note: “The Little Review hopes to become a magazine of Art,” the editors wrote on the issue’s first page. “The September issue is offered as a Want Ad.”2


1 Anderson, My Thirty Years War, p. 124.
2 Little Review, 3.1 (September 1916): p. 1.



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