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Doris Ulmann
Alyse Gregory and Marianne Moore at the offices of The Dial
Alyse Gregory Papers

Both editors at The Dial, Marianne Moore and Alyse Gregory forged a lasting friendship, carrying on a lively correspondence for many years after Gregory left the magazine in 1925. In a memorial essay, Alyse Gregory Remembered, Moore praised her friend: “It seemed strange to me that anyone could be accomplished as she was and have no inconvenient prides or sense of superiority.” “Civilized and initiate,” she continued, “a natural feminist, but uncombative without a touch of vanity, or affectation; remarkably hospitable, generous, resourceful and ingenious domestically, helpful and considerate as if automatically. She had keen eyes, a quick smile, beautifully kept hair. . . . Finding I had no Don Quixote and other items, she found me copies, secondhand—just what I needed—gave them to me.”1

1 Marianne Moore, Alyse Gregory Remembered, Loughton: Dud Norman, 1968, p. 2.








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