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Eva Watson Schutze
Harriet Monroe
Vanity Fair
August 1920



Editor, critic, and poet Harriet Monroe helped to generate interest in modern American poetry with the founding of Poetry, A Magazine of Verse, which began publication in 1912. “Harriet’s peculiar combination of trust in her own judgment, fighting spirit, thrift, and patience made Poetry possible and pulled it through many years of life and influence,” wrote Eunice Tietjens, Monroe’s friend and associate editor. “This and her warm understanding heart. All the rival poetry magazines have come and gone. And it is safe to predict that most of those which have not yet gone will soon do so. But Poetry has remained, a stable refuge for beauty in a fluid mechanistic universe. A month before her death she told me that it had already been published for a longer period than any other publication devoted to the art of poetry in the history of English literature. That is a fine record, and the credit for it belongs exclusively and solely to Harriet Monroe.”1

1 Eunice Tietjens, The World at My Shoulder, NY: MacMillan, 1938, p. 36.



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