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Ruth Stephan
Ruth Stephan Papers



The daughter of “Pop” Walgreen, founder of the Walgreen’s pharmacy chain, writer and editor Ruth Stephan was raised in a family that had little use for contemporary art. When she separated from her first husband and began to pursue an education in the arts, she was disinherited. Her second husband, painter John Stephan, encouraged and supported her writing. The Stephans began The Tiger’s Eye to promote challenging new art. They asserted their disinterest in artistic fashions; “the selection of material will be based on these questions,” the editors wrote in the first issue: “Is it alive? Is it valid as art? How brave is its originality? How does it enter the imagination?”1 Though the magazine was published for only two years, it earned the respect of artists and critics, developed an international readership, and served as an important site of aesthetic expression and discussion.

1 Ruth and John Stephan, “Editorial Statement,” The Tiger’s Eye, Oct. 1947, p. 53.



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