The Book Remembers Everything highlights the Beinecke Library’s outstanding collection of Erica Van Horn’s work, including early works on paper, elaborately illustrated unique books, and printed and editioned works in a wide variety of formats. Representing aspects of the artist’s development over more than thirty years, the exhibition is organized in broad categories exploring common elements throughout the extensive body of Van Horn’s work:

This Is the Everyday examines Van Horn’s frequent exploration of the details of her life, the objects around her, the routines of her days, and her most familiar relationships

Language: Foreign & Local illustrates the artist’s long fascination with the ways language both describes and creates community, even as it determines individual identity and shapes personal memory

Visual Narrative & the Plot of Pattern reveals Van Horn’s interest in the essential elements of narrative forms, in both word and image, and her investigation of narrative structures by paring stories down to simple elements or couching them in rich landscapes of visual information

Leftovers celebrates the artist’s frequent use and re-use of saved or salvaged materials as the raw materials of her work, documenting her creative process and making both beauty and meaning from fragments and remainders

The World of Interiors documents Van Horn’s decades-long, large-scale project exposing and repurposing the printed interiors of paper envelopes in works that question the role of beauty in a world of disposable objects and elevate the work of the collector into the realm of fine art

Portrait & Likeness emphasizes Van Horn’s frequent use of unconventional modes of portraiture to make visual and textual likenesses of people and places, exploring the visual nature of memory and the relationship between image and identity

Before Books includes examples of the artist’s early print work, in which Van Horn explores themes and employs artistic practices that are refined in her later book works