James W. Abert. Message from the President...Communicating a Report of an Expedition Led by Lieutenant Abert, on the Upper Arkansas and through the Country of the Camanche Indians, in the Fall of the Year 1845. Washington, 1846.

Abert's watercolors, tipped into his personal copy

Tah-kai-buhl. A Kiowa Indian

"Tah-kai-buhl. A Kioway"

A Kiowa Indian on a mule

"A Kioway Indian on a mule - in his war-dress"

O-cum-who-wust, a chief of the Cheyenne

"O-cum-who-wust, (or Yelllow Wolf) - Chief of the Cheyennes"

Isse-wo-ne-am-in and No-tah-is-tah-hah. Cheyenne Women

&quotIsse-wo-ne-am-in and No-tah-is-tah-hah. Cheyenne Women"

Kiowa Indian woman with infant and children

"Indian Squaw, with an infant and children - Kioways"

Cassulan, his wife, and Tiah-na-zi

"Cassulan, his wife, and Tiah-na-zi -- Kiowa Indians making their toilet"

Portraits of various Kiowa

"1. Tiah-nah-zi 2. A Kioway 3. Ditto 4. Cassalan 5. Wife of Do. -- To-hah-sun
6. Little Mountain, Chief of the Kioways.
2 and 3 were attendants of Little Mountain"

Portraits of Cheyennes and Apaches

"1. Isse-no-me-mox-ist, A Cheyenne 2. Oco-chu-tah-nahun, Ditto 3. Nah-co-na-pun, Ditto
4. An Apache Indian 5. Oka-wo-cum, A Cheyenne 6. A Cheyenne"

Am-eer-tscheen, a Cheyenne

"Am-eer-tscheen (or the Fast-Walker). A Cheyenne"

The Spanish Girl, a prisoner

"The Spanish Girl; (A Prisoner)"

Mis-stan-star, a Cheyenne

"Mis-stan-star, A Cheyenne"

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