The die was cast when Lee Wulff was born in Alaska in 1905, at that time only a district of the United States and not a full-fledged state. A childhood spent in a frontier town populated by such colorful characters as Slop Jack, Rosy Roseen, and Outdoor Franklin could hardly form the basis of a traditional life. It would be Lee Wulff’s consuming passion to investigate unexplored territories, in his case remote parts of Newfoundland and Labrador. He would pioneer new approaches, techniques, and gear for fishing in general, and specifically for fly fishing for Atlantic salmon. Along the way he would become an expert and fearless bush pilot, flying a small floatplane into remote areas of Canada before any established navigational aids or procedures for air/sea rescue. His childhood yearnings for the natural beauty and plentiful resources of his first home reemerged in adulthood, giving his restless spirit little patience for established wisdom in his chosen field—sport fishing. As Leigh Montville wrote in his obituary for Lee in Sports Illustrated, May 13, 1991, “What was a daydream for others became satisfying reality for outdoorsman extraordinaire Lee Wulff.” [read the rest of the essay ...]