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The Grass Case

Stephen Gaskin. The Grass Case. Summertown, Tennessee: The Book Publishing Company, 1974.

In 1971, Stephen Gaskin, The Farm’s leader, and three other members were arrested for manufacture of marijuana, a felony in Tennessee. In their trial, they argued that they used marijuana for religious purposes, to assist them in meditation. They lost their case and spent several months in prison in 1974.




"Founded in 1971 at Summertown, Tennessee, with a spiritual commitment to simple living and self-reliance, The Farm has pioneered a wide range of social and physical technologies appropriate to low-cost, high satisfaction community living. The community offers examples of solar building design, permaculture, micro-enterprise, mushroom cultivation, large scale composting and gardening, and regenerative hardwood forest management."
—From The Farm’s Web Site

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